What Values Are We Teaching Our Children in America?

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I believe America is the greatest nation on Earth; I truly do, with all my heart and soul. But when I look around at society today, I have to ask myself, what values are we teaching our children today? When we turn on the news, what do we see? Murder, police brutality, Donald Trump, and all manner of unpleasantness. Studies have clearly proven that what we see can have serious effects on our values and personality, what is the kind of message we are sending our children? And remember this is the news, true, factual events that are occurring around the world, yet sensationalised for ratings and to feed the 24 hour news cycle addiction.


And don’t even get me started on entertainment. I remember the fun, family friendly movies of yore; movies with a message of hope and redemption, of happiness and peace. Nowadays everything has to be gritty, realistic, and dark. Just compare the Adam West’s Batman of the 1960s jumping around and making jokes, to the Batman recently played by Ben Affleck in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Nothing but a brutal vigilante, a muscled meathead in body armor, who after a fun night of indiscriminate killing of street criminals, probably heads back to the Batcave to enjoy a nice whey protein shake.


And music! Oh my God, that is another one. It’s either depressive emotional music, which no doubt helps fuel the state of the numerous depressed people nationwide; just take a look around and probably one in three people are on some sort of antidepressant. Now that’s depressing! And if it isn’t depressive music, the positive messages is all about the glorifying the self, of getting as much ‘paper’ as possible, of getting as many beautiful women as possible to fawn over you as you pop bottles of Cristal in the club. I mean just look at this music video, nothing but an anthem to the glorification of the individual over society, an unfortunate theme of our capitalistic system.

The women are no better. While the men glorify power and wealth as a means of exalting themselves as better over the others, the women glorify their beauty and sex appeal as their highest ideal, constantly boasting about how many men they have at their beck and call. You can see this clearly in this music video, or just simply pop open your Instagram feed and see just how many girls have tens of thousands of followers, girls whose biggest accomplishments are taking strategically covered, almost nude shots for their legions of followers to ogle at. Don’t get me wrong, these models are doing it for the money, which they get through sponsorships, endorsements, and affiliate marketing. So that means your precious little daughter is being sent the cultural message that if you got it, flaunt it…. For the money of course! Worship the almighty dollar as the thirsty males worship your perfectly sculpted derriere.

What brought upon this rant? Well, my little sister just told everyone she was 4 months pregnant, I guess I’m going to be an aunt now. Also, I’m drunk. I promise my readers (if there even are any) that future posts will (hopefully) be more coherent.